About Delle


My love of fitness stems from a lifetime of dance training and finding exercise that is good for the SOUL! Making time for a healthy lifestyle can be so difficult in our modern, busy lives so it really is about finding something that works and that doesn’t feel like a chore or come laden with guilt! Fitness was a natural progression from my dance training and I have worked in a number of studios across London including having my own boutique PowerPlate studio in Mayfair since 2011. Now with 10 years of fitness and training experience across London I am passionate about helping people create a balanced lifestyle with exercise they actually enjoy making time for!



  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Qualified PowerPlate Instructor
  • Barre Instructor
  • Masters in Dance
  • BA Hons degree in Dance

“My wife and I have been training with Delle for over a year and she is exactly what we wanted in a home fitness guru! She plans a great variety of exercises, is very flexible as to when we want to train and does it all with the perfect balance of pushing us hard and motivating us to complete that final bicep curl, but with a fantastically positive personality. Highly recommended.” David Swann